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Our unlimited lifetime warranty

We believe you should be able to wear your beloved Michal Negrin pieces often and for many years to come. That is why all our jewelry, regardless of where & when it was purchased or how it was mis-treated, is covered by our free, unlimited lifetime warranty. The warranty even includes a professional cleaning. So go ahead an enjoy your jewels completely worry-free knowing they will always be in perfect condition.

We recently had a chance to test our brand's commitment to this almost unheard of customer service when one of our lovely customers walked in the store in Victoria with her favourite bracelet which she accidentally dropped in her driveway. Her dear husband then proceeded to back over it with his car.

When she found it, the bracelet was broken and mangled almost beyond recognition. She was heartbroken over what she thought was the end of her beloved bracelet, but we sent it to the studio in Israel and sure enough a few weeks later a brand new bracelet was sent to her home, completely free of charge.

The back of every piece of our jewelry is engraved with M.N or M.Negrin. This is how we identify it for the warranty. There are many fake Michal Negrin pieces sold on the internet which don't have the engraving on the back.

We are happy and proud to represent Michal Negrin, knowing we can provide our customers with this level of customer service and peace of mind.

If you have any questions about the warranty please don't hesitate to contact us