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The Studio

Michal Negrin's unique, timeless designs have caught the imagination of celebrities and fashion conscious women around the word.

Growing up on a kibbutz in Israel, everyone dressed and looked the same. Michal dreamt of bygone eras and learned how to combine lace, beads and crystals to form her first jewelry collection. It was launched in 1988 at Tel Aviv’s open-air marketplace. The demand was overwhelming and led to the opening of the first store in Tel Aviv's fashion district.

Today, there are over 50 Michal Negrin stores in nearly two dozen countries, in major cities such as Tokyo, Sidney, Hong Kong and our personal favourite in Victoria BC

The Jewelry

Michal Negrin jewelry is hand crafted to order at the studio in Israel by skilled local artisans using highest quality materials including lace, Swarovski crystals and hand dyed/painted elements.

All jewelry is automatically covered by a free, unlimited lifetime warranty including professional cleaning. M.N initials on the back of each piece allow for easy identification. 

The fashion

Michal already had her dream jewelry line, yet had a hard time finding unique clothing that would complement her womanly figure. She created her fashion line with the same enchanting color combinations and uses clever cuts and strategic pattern placement to flatter all shapes and sizes (XS-XXXL)

Fabrics are hand printed at the studio in Israel using a surprisingly high tech process called sublimation:

1) Michal and a graphic designer create a digital pattern which can be scaled, ensuring an XS dress will look exactly the same as an XXXL.

2) For each dress individually, the pattern is printed using a sublimation printer onto special transfer paper.

3) The paper and fabric are pressed together in a special press machine.

4) Skilled seamstresses cut and sew the pieces together and add hand dyed matching lace accents.

5) Swarovski crystals are added one by one to bring the beautiful designs to life. Most dresses include over 200 crystals!